2qbo Convert Pro

Transfer your back statements or other bank-related information from PDF files to QBO (typical QucikBooks format) with the help of this straightforward converter.

  • 2qbo Convert Pro
  • Version : 10.1.18
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MoneyThumb

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2qbo Convert Pro Description

2qbo Convert Pro is a simplistic piece of software that is designed to make it as straightforward as possible for you to transfer your financial statements or transactions from PDF, CSV, QIF and even Excel spreadsheets to QBO, the QuickBooks-specific format.

Quick installation and straightforward workflow

Subsequent to its streamlined and hassle-free installation process and upon first launching the application, you are greeted by a simple main window, with a top toolbar that allows you to access all the app’s features and a log preview panel underneath it.

Considering its overall simplicity, you should not be surprised that the workflow is quite straightforward. Simply load your PDF files that contain your band transactions or statements and hit the ‘Convert’ button, easily reachable from the aforementioned top toolbar.

Customize the results within the Preview window

In practically no time, the application displays a Preview window with comprehensive information regarding your financial situation. For example, it offers you the current financial totals and other vital details such as the amount of each deposit and their creation dates.

Please note that from this window, you can also select which transactions you want to include in the resulting QBO file, as well as sort them by date and amount.

Configure the conversion process from the app’s simple Settings section

Once you’re happy with the results, simply create the QBO file by clicking the designated button from the bottom part of the window and the resulting file should find its way at the same location as the original PDF.

From the Settings section, you can change the date format, add the account type, QuickBooks FID, bank routing number, account number in QuickBooks, the currency and further customize the conversion process.

Convert PDF to QBO with no more than a few clicks

Taking everything into consideration, 2qbo Convert Pro is a simplistic and useful piece of software that allows financial analysts or any other users to transfer their financial statements and transactions from PDF format to QBO without having to go through complicated processes in order to do so.

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