24hr to standard time converter

Convert time from the 24H format to the AM/PM format many users are more familiar with, with this lightweight Java-based application.

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24hr to standard time converter Description

Time is represented using the 24-hour or 12-hour formats in different countries around the world, and some people may not be entirely familiar with one of the two notations when traveling to new areas.

24hr to standard time converter is a handy application that can come to your aid, as it enables you to perform conversions from the 24-hour to the 12-hour format. While it certainly performs the function it was designed for, the program lacks polish and offers no other features.

Lightweight and portable Java-based application

24hr to standard time converter can be run from any location as soon as it is downloaded, and even carried on a portable storage device. There is no need to install it before launch, making deployment much simpler.

However, it has to be noted that Java Runtime Environment needs to be available on your machine when running the application.

Basic utility that has few real-life uses

Essentially, the program only requires you to enter the time in hours and minutes when the two separate input windows are displayed. Once you have provided the right values, the converted time is shown in the 12-hour format.

Unfortunately, the data entry process is quite slow, and each result is deleted when performing a new query. No other features are provided, such as the ability to convert the current time, process multiple values or export the results.

Minimalistic, unimpressive user interface

24hr to standard time converter features a very plain UI, consisting of a single panel and a menu that is used to access the data entry tool and exit the application. Given the application’s limited feature array, it is not surprising that the interface is equally simplistic.

All in all, this is a no-frills utility that, as its name suggests, enables you to convert time from the 24-hour to the 12-hour format. It can certainly do the job it was designed for, but it offers no other noteworthy features.

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