123 Jpeg Converter

Convert PNG, GIF, PSD, ICO, BMP or TIFF files to JPG with this easy-to-use application that incorporates a built-in image viewer.

  • 123 Jpeg Converter
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Herculesoft

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123 Jpeg Converter Description

They might not be among the most exotic apps there are out there, but we all know how important file format converters are and how much convenience they bring to our workflow.

123 Jpeg Converter is one such program designed to turn all kinds of file extensions to JPG so that you do not meet any issues when implementing your projects.

Converts lots of image formats to JPG

The utility’s interface is not the kind to grab your attention, but all the controls are neatly organized, so you shouldn’t experience any annoyances when navigating the menus.

As for the application’s capabilities, what it does is convert images that come in file formats such as TIFF, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, and ICO to JPG. As we have seen in our tests, this tasks is performed not only in a matter of seconds but also without stumbling upon any problems.

Displays details about the conversion process

Specifying the save location is effortlessly done by navigating to the “Settings” section, which also enables you to choose a color to replace transparent backgrounds.

Another nice addition to the program is that, at the end of each conversion, it informs you of the outcome, so you know precisely how your files managed to get through the procedure.

Lets you explore the images you want to process

On the left side of the main window, there is a section displaying a list of photos you have selected to undergo the conversion, and clicking on each file opens a preview on the right so that you know at all times what is the content meant to be processed.

While you can add new files by clicking “Open” from the “File” menu or the dedicated button below, you can also turn to the “Explorer” viewing mode so that you get a directory tree enabling you to inspect your PC right within the app.

Experiences issues when trying to add image lists

Nevertheless, while these options do come in handy, there is no way to select an entire folder containing images, so you must select them one by one, even though the conversion process takes place for all photos simultaneously.

There is, however, another possibility, namely that of saving an image list in a JLF format and subsequently loading it to continue from where you left off. That should let you add a pre-existent set of pictures and convert them in bulk.

However, we have noticed that the app has trouble recognizing this particular extension, and for no apparent reason, trying to add a list returns no results.

Offers flawless conversion if you take the right route

All in all, 123 Jpeg Converter is a user-friendly software solution that lets you convert a multitude of file formats to JPEG in no time, but its functionality is spoiled by some shortcomings that could have been easily avoided.

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