1-abc.net File Replacer

A lightweight application that enables you to perform fast replace operations on old files, by checking their size, creation date and last access information.

  • 1-abc.net File Replacer
  • Version :6.00
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :1-abc.net

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1-abc.net File Replacer Description

Since files and folders are modified almost every time you use the computer, you might end up with different versions of them across multiple storage units, such as external drives or even separate system partitions.

Replace files in multiple folders at once

In order to keep them organized, 1-abc.net File Replacer enables you to easily replace them in multiple folders at once, regardless of the partition or the removable device they are stored on. In essence, the operations requires you to select the folders in which to replace the documents, as well as the actual files to use in the process.

To execute the replacement, the application checks if they meet a list of conditions, which can be manually customized depending on the situation. That way, you can only overwrite files if they have the same creation date, file size or they are hidden. In addition, you can also check if the document is smaller than the source file, or if it is tagged as an archive.

Exchange expressions and view the print history

As a secondary feature, the application allows you to switch to binary mode and perform an expression exchange operation on the desired files. In order to do that, you can enter the expression you are looking for and the string to replace it for every occurrence. You can select and scan as many files as you want by adding them in the source file list.

All of the performed actions are logged as plain text in a history file and they can be view at any time by accessing the dedicated menu, or by navigating to the folder it is stored in. Furthermore, you can print this list on paper for further analysis, or clear it entirely to make room for new information.

In conclusion

All in all, 1-abc.net File Replacer makes the task of file replacement a lot easier, especially since you can also save the settings as project files and quickly open them when you need to perform the same document update across multiple storage drives. In addition, all of these features are packed into an intuitive and compact user interface, which allows anyone to easily make use of the application.

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