Useful tool for saving ideas.

  • wikidPad
  • Version:2.2 / 2.3 Beta 16
  • License :BSD License
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Jason Horman

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wikidPad Description

A good notepad app is useful to keep your everyday thoughts, ideas, tasks and contacts in the same place. wikidPad is a program designed with this issue in mind.

The app has a clean interface, with only a few text editing tools and a tree view for all the entries. In order to tell them apart with more ease, you can assign icons or colors to each of them.

This program provides a Wiki-like notebook, which manes that it can include cross-links for all information. Similar to the well-known online encyclopedia, wikidPad creates linked words. By clicking on any of them, you are taken to a previously created page.

For instance, if you have a scheduled meeting with a certain person and that person’s name is an appended wiki work, it should turn into a link.

As mentioned, the program comes with several text editing tools. For instance, you can set any of the words as bold or italic. Furthermore, adding a plus sign in front of the word or phrase transforms it into a heading, increasing its size.

Also, you can view multiple pages at once and view them in individual tabs. Thus, switching between entries is an easy task.

The program comes with a large number of settings that can be modified to suit your needs. For instance, you can assign actions for all mouse buttons, configure the searching feature and the text editor.

The bottom line is that wikidPad is a nice program that can come in handy at all times. Inexperienced users should find the software easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface and the extensive help files.

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