Transaction Copier for QBooks

Quickly transfer QuickBooks data to Microsoft Excel by automatically pulling lists and managing them, with this useful extension.

  • Transaction Copier for QBooks
  • Version:9.63
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Big Red Consulting

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Transaction Copier for QBooks Description

Transaction Copier for QBooks is a simple to use Microsoft Excel add-in which facilitates the data transfer to and from QuickBooks. The tool allows you to pull transactions from a certain company file in Quickbooks, modify the entries with the Excel tools, then import them into another company profile.

Smooth integration with Microsoft Excel

Transaction Copier for QBooks works as an Excel add-in and can be accessed from the dedicated tab in the command ribbon. The menu contains all the main functions offered by the add-in and prompts secondary windows for configuration.

Thus, you can easily pull transactions from a QuickBooks file, by specifying the dates range, the transaction type and the account. You can also insert time-based filters in order to restrict the list to the preferred entries. Moreover, you can import the unpaid transactions only, in which to include only unpaid amounts. Make sure that QuickBooks is installed and configured on the same computer you operate Transaction Copier for QBooks.

Integrate Excel lists with QuickBooks files

You can easily pull transactions from QuickBooks profiles, modify them in Excel, then import them back into the financial management program. These lists can be automatically acquired from QuickBooks or imported from IIF files. The ‘Integrate QuickBooks Lists’ function from the add-in menu allows you to customize the data import settings.

Alternatively, you can easily export the modified table to an IIF file, straight into the selected profile in QuickBooks. You may also verify if the information you entered in Excel complies with the requirements for integration in QuickBooks.

Set default values for missing data

Transaction Copier for QBooks allows you to create default entries for transaction types, with positive or negative amounts, as well as for account and sales. In other words, the values that you set in the Options menu are applied to your tables when the corresponding data is not included in the worksheet.

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