Alternate KeyEvent

Find out the HEX, CHAR, VK and TShotCut of any specified key using this straightforward application wrapped in a lightweight package.

  • Alternate KeyEvent
  • Version:1.040
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AlternateTools

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Alternate KeyEvent Description

Discovering the codes of keys pressed on the keyboard can be useful for implementing this information into software projects. With the help of Alternate Key Event, you can easily retrieve these codes for any letter, number or symbol pressed on your keyboard.

It immediately reveals the key’s normal value, hexadecimal counterpart, character equivalent, matching key constant (VK) and TShortcut. Furthermore, it can mimic holding down the Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys to produce a special character.

Analyze the key codes of any character

Following a fast installation procedure, you come face to face with a simplistic interface that makes things as straightforward as possible. In the main window of Alternate Key Event, all you have to do is press a key on your computer.

The normal, hex, character, virtual key and TShortCut values are automatically calculated and displayed, so you don’t have to click any buttons to trigger this action. To hold down any combination of Ctrl, Shift and Alt, you just have to check their boxes on the bittom. The application can also be instructed to update the Ctrl keys.

Simple and straightforward key code viewer

This is where the software program’s functionality ends. Unfortunately, there are no options integrated for saving all key codes to file so you’re only left with the possibility to copy one value at a time. Another practical feature we can think of involves typing multiple keys to view all their values at a glance in order to save everything to file so you don’t have to waste time retrieving codes for one key at a time.

Nevertheless, Alternate Key Event does the job quickly and without affecting the computer’s performance. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. Taking everything into account, this app comes in handy for all users interested in learning the code mappings of specific characters.

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